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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we recieve.  If you don't find your answer here, please contact us by phone or through the contact form on our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q: Are pets allowed?

  • A: Service animals are allowed or medically necessary pets allowed by a Doctor's prescription.

  • Q: How long is the waiting list and how fast does it move?

  • A: The waiting list is a living document that changes on a monthly basis.  Movement depends directly on     whether applicants return their update letter by the deadline and if they accept and qualify for units               when contacted. 

  • Q:  How do I find out where I am at on the waiting list?

  • A:  Please contact our staff at the office at 676-5900 and they will look up your position for you.

  • Q:  How long will it take to move into a place?

  • A:  Once you are contacted, you have 24 hours to respond that you are interested in the unit offered.  If you   are, we will then pull your credit and criminal background for review.  If this report is acceptable then           you will be contacted to provide us with the names and contact information of your landlords so we           may collect 2 years’ worth of rental references.   References cannot be from your family.  If you do not         have rental references you will have to get character letters from professionals.  These letters cannot           be from your family.  Once your positive references come back there is a packet of papers you will                 complete.  The papers include verification of employment, student status, unemployment, lease                   income, public assistance, child support, banking, and other assets.  You will sign and return the forms to       us and we will send them out to the third parties.  It is not until we have received ALL of the verification       completed by the respective entities that we can calculate if your household income qualifies for the             program that oversees the unit you were offered, and the portion of the rent your household will be             responsible to pay.  We are all at the mercy of the third party information providers.

  • Q:  Do we only serve the Native American community?

  • A:  No, we serve every person who applies for housing.  We do not have a preference of any kind.

  • Q:  If I am homeless will I be moved to the top of the waiting list?

  • A:  No.  Our waiting list is based on a first-come, first-served basis.  The criterion is the date of application.   We do not have emergency or temporary housing.

  • Q: If a client is on the waiting list for Section 8 can they find a house and then get a voucher without waiting   for their spot on the waiting list?

  • A:  No, everyone must wait until they are called for an opening, complete all requirements, be qualified, and issued a voucher prior to looking for a rental.

  • Q:  Why doesn't your Section 8 cover Polson if it's in Lake County?

  • A:  The Section 8 vouchers have been awarded to the City of Ronan Housing Authority.  Per HUD and the       State of Montana, we only service a 10 mile radius of the City of Ronan.


  • Q: Do you have a program to help pay for furniture or my rental deposit?

  • A:  No, we do not have any type of assistance other than reduced rent.


  • Q:  If I move out of one of your units can I put the lease in someone else's name?

  • A:  If the person is already living in the unit and is on the current lease, then yes.  If not, the person must       complete an application and be placed on the waiting list just like everyone else.  IN NO CASE may you     ever sublet the unit to someone else.  This is a serious lease violation and you will be evicted.

  • Q:  Can I pay my rent in cash?

  • A:  No, we do not accept cash, only checks or money orders.  If you come to the office with cash we will ask you to go get a money order.

  • Q:  If I qualify for a subsidized unit or a Section 8 voucher, how much will my rent be?

  • A:  Both programs will have you paying 30% of your adjusted gross income.


  • Q: have a medical marijuana green card; why am I not allowed to smoke marijuana in my unit?

  • A: Marijuana is categorized as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). See 21 U.S.C. § 801 et seq. The manufacture, distribution, or possession of marijuana is a federal crminal offense, and may not legally be prescribed by a physician for any reason. See 21 U.S.C. §§ 841(a)(1); 844(a); 812(b)(1)(A)-(C).Persons who are currently using illegal drugs, including marijuana, are categorically disqualified from protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act; and such accommodations are not reasonable under the Fair Housing Act because they would constitute a fundamental alteration in the nature of the Housing Authority’s operations. LCCHO/RHA are in receipt of Federal benefits; therefore if any oversight agency found tenants possessing, using, selling, or growing marijuana in any of our units we could lose all future funding. LCCHO/RHA has a zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs of any kind.

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