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Here you will find links to other community services in and around Lake County. 

Boys & Girls Club
PO Box 334, Ronan MT 59864
(406) 676-5437


Cantlon Family Youth Home
33627 Marion Lane

Polson, MT  59860

(406) 676-2427

Community Action Partnership of Northwest Montana

214 Main Street, P.O. BOX 8300
Kalispell, Montana 59904-1300
Tel: (406) 752-6565 or 1-800-344-5979


Additional Services:  LIEAP,   Weatherization, Section 8


CSKT Transit   for current schedule

52001 US Highway 93

Pablo, MT  59855

Public transportation information provided by CSKT/DHRD may be obtained by calling (406) 275-2877


Dire Need Program
PO Box 278, Pablo, MT  59855
675-2700 ext 1037

Enrolled members may seek assistance here.  Form must be completed; determination is usually given within 24 hours.  Contact HRD in the Tribal Complex for more information.


Energy Share
PO Box 8300, Kalispell, MT  59904
758-5433 or 1-800-344-5979

Based on need.  Designed for folks going through a one-time crisis.  Customer must write a letter and explain what the emergency is.  The request goes before a committee for approval.  Maximum “loan” amount is $500 and recipients are asked to pay back money, when they can.


Family Crisis Center
Dept. of Family Services
706 3rd Ave E #5, Polson, MT  59860
24 hr. Line: (406) 676-2518

Assistance is based on need or specific situation rather than income.  However, a form must be completed and income verification must be provided.  Approval or disapproval is usually given within one day.  The program will not pay reconnect fees or deposits.


Friends Forever Mentoring

(Formerly Big Brothers/Big Sisters)

49518 US Highway 93

Polson, MT  59860

(406) 883-2150


Helping Hands

Assistance with obtaining vital records
PO Box 1094, Polson MT 59860


Lake County Youth Home

35129 Timberlane Road
Ronan, MT 59864 

Phone: (406) 676-5091


Mission Mountain Enterprises

330 Main Street SW, Ronan, MT, 59864
Phone: 406-676-2563 Fax: 406-676-2569



63506 Highway 93

Ronan, MT  59864

(406) 676-0800


Salish Kootenai Housing Authority
Housing and assistance for tribal members

Pablo, MT  59855

(406) 675-4491


SKHA Services:


The Nest

410 St Marys Dr

Saint Ignatius, Montana

(406) 546-0199


Tribal Fuel Assistance – Tribal Members Only
PO Box 278, Pablo, MT  59855
675-2700 ext 1036

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